Fight for Good

Live, Give, Share


 a community of Purpose


Every day lives are being transformed because of the actions of hundreds of people that decided to make a difference for Nashville.

Vulnerable neighbors now find a place to rebuild their lives as they get trained to increase the life skills that ultimately will lead them to self-sufficiency.

When you support our program, you become part of a purpose-driven community that decided to make a positive impact in Nashville.


 About this initiative

Live out our mission,
Transform lives,
Empower people in the greatest need.

When you devote your time with The Salvation Army through volunteering, living out our mission through your service, we encourage you to become a sustaining donor as well by signing up for our monthly giving campaign Fight for Good. In doing so, we provide a way to Give forward and invest in futures. Finally, we encourage you to Share your story with others through testimonies, social media, advocating for The Salvation Army, and the needs of our neighbors that have been displaced in society.

Through this, we share why we volunteer together, why we give back to our programs, and how we are empowering and improving communities in Nashville.

When posting on social media, please utilize #Fightforgood and #Livegiveshare to endorse or supporting The Salvation Army.


 How It Works

Step 1

Register to be volunteer by selecting one of our many opportunities and events to get involved!

Step 2

Sign up on our Fight For Good monthly giving page and select a monthly gift amount.

Step 3

Share your experience volunteering with us through social media. You can start by telling others about how you are a member of Live, Give & Share with your friends. When you volunteer with us, tag us with #Fightforgood and #Livegiveshare when posting. Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


Celebrating our Live, Give, & Share Team


In recognition of being a member of Fight for Good: Live, Give & Share, you will receive a specialty designed shirt with merchandise add ons as you achieve each living level.


Levels of recognition

There are four levels of recognition in the Adopter Recognition program. Levels of recognition are based on hours of service, monthly giving amounts, and social media engagements and are calculated annually. Total hours are cumulative.



48+ hours; $21+ monthly recurring gift

  • Certificate

  • T-shirt

  • Water bottle

  • Lapel pin

  • Social media shout out

  • Access to select TSA special events

  • Invite to our advisory board/specialized committees/Echelon group.



36-47 hours; $16-20 monthly recurring gift

  • Certificate

  • T-shirt

  • Water bottle

  • Lapel pin

  • Social media shout out

  • Access to select TSA special events


24-35 hours; $11-15 monthly recurring gift

  • Certificate

  • Choice of T-shirt, water bottle, or lapel pin

  • Social media shout out


12-23 hours; $5-10 monthly recurring gift. 

  • Certificate

  • T-shirt

  • Social media shout out


 Doing The Most Good Award

The Doing The Most Good Award is the highest honor an individual can receive in the Fight for Good: Live, Give & Share program. One award will be given annually at our Volunteer Recognition Event and the winner will be profiled in Christian magazine. Award-winners are chosen based on the significance of the work they have done and category of service. 


For more information please contact

Anneke Valk