What Is In A Day? Quality Of Life

What difference does a day make?  There are so many days that seem to make no difference at all.  Then, there are the significant days.  The days a child enters elementary school.  Then, the day they graduate.  College.  Marriage.  Children. Retirement.  There are so many days that matter greatly.  What is in a day? Quality of life.

There is the day before you are unemployed.  The day before you find out you have cancer and have to move to the city for treatment, even though you don’t have housing.  The day your rent increases so you have to move.  The day your significant other leaves without a word.  What is in a day? Quality of life.

One day, you are dreaming.  One day, there is a new reality.  This is a truth for all of us.  Most of us have family, friends, and community to help offset the bad days and walk with us to those better days.  Some of us do not.

Then, there is the first day without shelter.  The first day in a shelter.  The fear of being alone while being in the midst of so many like you.  Yet, the you you see, doesn’t seem to reflect the you you have known.

What is in a day? That day you ask, “What do I do with today? What can I do for tomorrow?  How did today come to be?”  It is our story.  It is “My Story.” Each with us with own to tell.  Each of us with our own to write.

Because each day matters so greatly, The Salvation Army counts days.  Days where people are displaced outside of the economic, social, and environmental quality of life of the community.  Days outside of safety, peace, and happiness, the expressed goal of our Tennessee Constitution.  Each of these days matters. 

The more days someone lives outside of housing the more likely they are to die without housing.  What’s in a day?  Quality of Life.

The Salvation Army joins the community in calling forth the #QualityofLife #90DayChallenge.  A simple challenge that focuses on each day. A focus on each life, with such passion that compassion can restore. Restoring people from fear and separation to inclusion and belonging.  For when there is no clear path out of despair, there is no freedom.

What’s in a day?  One day someone is housed.  The next day they are homeless. 

Let us focus on that one day when people who were without housing are home.

The idea is simple.  The path is known.  All over the country, it is recognized as a matter of public will.  Today, will you invest in prayer, invest in compassion, invest your resources, or volunteer to help a neighbor have a new day?    John 5:6

Let us commit to the first day of days restored to the center of the quality of life of our Tennessee home. Reflecting the quality of community in the lives of others increases the quality of life of all.

Misty Ratcliff