One Life

One Life

It is the same for all of us. We are each given one life – just one. But there the similarity ends, because no two lives are the same. Each of us is unique – even identical twins have different personalities.

We develop our own relationships and skills. We make choices that determine how our lives will unfold.

Also, we are open to the ‘unknown’ – things that happen to us. We cannot choose how others will react to us, or select how many welcome or unwelcome circumstances may come into our lives. These things affect us all as individuals – and we react in different ways.

We each develop preferences – things we like or dislike, find helpful or unhelpful. Yet however we develop, we only have one life.

We all experience that moment when we realize, “Life is not a rehearsal. This is the only life I’ve got.”

It’s the same for all of us.

What will I do with today, this hour, this minute... my one life.

Life is a Story of Self

Life is a story of self in community.

The community determines the quality of life opportunities.

You determine your quality of life goals. 

Your life become part of the quality of community we experience.

Reflecting Quality of Community In the Lives of Others

Increases the Quality of Life of Us.

I matter

       My Pain and My Fears


       My Life and My Dreams


You matter

       Your Pain and Your Fears


       Your Life and Your Dreams


I acknowledge your humanity

I assert mine

As life matters, we both matter

You and I


~Athol Williams
Social Philosopher

Misty Ratcliff