What an exciting time it is to gather together in Central Tennessee through the mission of The Salvation Army. We give thanks for the opportunity to serve with you in Nashville, a place to Belong: Engage: Lead: Prosper, the “It” city.

I recently acquired a copy of the 1890 release of The Salvation Army scheme, In Darkest England and the Way Out, by William Booth. Booth recognized The Salvation Army as a social economic experiment that was designed to relieve misery so that the Good News could be heard. Today, our passion is to extend The Salvation Army scheme through programs that allow individuals to connect hope to opportunity, a quality of life by choice. Also in 1890, Jacob Riis published How the Other Half Lives, a modern book of pictures that shared the misery of tenement housing. The pictures of the reality of the economically marginalized surprised those at the center of society. In 1892 the Economic Association of America awarded “How to House the Poor” the paper of the year. This is the 1890 era that The Salvation Army entered Nashville. These issues are just as pertinent in Nashville today. This is our shared calling, vision, and mission. We fight so that lives can be changed, so that lives can be saved for today and eternity.

A review of Nashville Area Command exemplifies that The Salvation Army remains faithful to mission in meeting Nashville’s needs. The programs are reflective of The Salvation Army’s promise of “Doing the Most Good.” This modern commitment of our holiness movement is a promise of doing justice and doing righteousness.

This is Nashville Doing the Most Good #LifeJustRight.

Joy and Peace,

Majors Ethan & Sue Frizzell
Area Commanders
Nashville Area Command

Misty Ratcliff